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My name is Ebubekir Haarsma and one of my favorite crafts is jewelry making. Beads ought to be part of almost any well-equipped jewelry making kit. I really like the selection of styles that jewelry making permits you to try. The selection of materials which you can use for jewelry making also means that their possible uses are limited only by my own imagination.

Despite the fact that I was not a specially skilled craftsperson, I quickly found that I loved jewelry making and created splendidly unique jewelry. Of course, I now wish I was capable of far more elaborate jewellery making but at least I am always improving on the ones I created before!

I like jewelry fabrication with a number of different substances. It’s interesting to look at what I have in hand that I can convert into quite jewelry. Among my favorites is using strips of coloured paper for paper mache jewelry.

My children love tearing images from glossy magazines and also we strive jewellery making collectively, well, nearly! They like to move straight to the decorating point and I’ve discovered that dried macaroni makes a really perfect bead. For the kids, pasta tubes has made threading and painting easy.

We also utilize clay quite a lot when fabricating jewlry, likely because kids enjoy casting the shapes. I usually take over the baking part, but onece that is done, they can decorate and varnish their creations and continue with their jewelry making.

Obviously jewelry which is made more enjoyable if you are able to give the jewellery to other people to wear. I enjoy producing earrings and necklaces to give as presents. Folks frequently love handmade products over shop-bought ones, but more importantly I save a fortune with my offerings that are catchy!

My children like making friendship bracelets to their friends and have recently become using lettered jewellery to create peoples names on necklaces. A whole lot of their friends wear them around here and also are very interested in jewellery making also!

I like jewelry making with a number of unique substances.It’d probably be impossible for me to recall all of them but I enjoy using leather string and jewellery metal the most. I’ve tried almost anything that I can thread a bead on likely! Now I don’t have enough time to dedicate to jewellery making that I once did, the truth is I probably havent made anything for more than a year as a result of our most recent addition but when she’s older I might well teach her the fundamentals too.

On the other side, I’m a fan classic rock music and here is my favorite playlist. I also invest in precious metal metals to secure my future and that of my family. I do not recommend any investment plan for you, but if you’ll like to consider investment in precious metals, I advise you do your due dilligence.

My goal with this website is to share my experience in jewelry fabircation with you and I hope I can inspire someone doing that. I will also be sharing jewelry making events with you in the coming days.

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